No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time

But you cannot fool all the people all the time.


Abraham Lincoln


“Low, wretched people. Disreputable person and bad behavior”.

Royal Spanish Academy


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Anaya asks for a full and honest government

But it seems that it negotiates with corruption

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

Various media have pointed out Anaya's statements about fighting corruption. Excelsior, on April 16, 2018 refers the presentation of 4 Anaya measures, to avoid corruption.

Nation 321, on October 30, 2017, refers Anaya's statements against the PRIs because they want to make it appear that everyone is equally corrupt. The same report contains the criticism of several PAN members about the use Anaya makes of their party's resources to promote themselves; the real estate that his political family has obtained since he is a political leader and refers to an audio, apparently from August 2014, where Anaya supposedly talks with Miguel Ángel Yunes, then a candidate of the PAN to the government of Veracruz, about numbers and amounts.


Anaya maliciously alters what is written

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

During the first presidential debate, on April 22, 2018, Ricardo Anaya referred to the book FOBAPROA: Open File. Review and Archive, written by Andrés Manuel López Obrador. At 60 minutes and 12 seconds, he said the following:

"On page 33 you accuse Poncho Romo of being corrupt and you announced that he will be the head of your cabinet (sic) ..."

The text on page 33 of the book referred to, mentions Alfonso Romo, but says:

"... a small businessman from Monterrey told us about the residence with a nine-hole golf course by Alfonso Romo, who bought Aseguradora Asemex ...".

Anaya lies, AMLO did not accuse Alfonso Romo of being corrupt.


  • Así fue el primer debate presidencial en México. Transmitido en vivo el 22 de abril de 2018, minuto: 60:12.
  • López Obrador, A. M. (1999). FOBAPROA: Expediente Abierto. Reseña y Archivo. México: Grijalbo.

Anaya voted in favor of the Energy Reformation of Peña Nieto

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

Verified 2018 points out that Ricardo Anaya, when he was deputy for the PAN, between 2012 and 2015, supported 9 of the 10 structural reforms proposed by Peña Nieto, but now, as presidential candidate for the PAN, PRD and MC, criticizes the way how those reforms were implemented.

The same media indicates that Anaya said in December 2013 that the world had returned to Mexico because of the energy reform.

Anaya now criticizes the reform that he himself approved and whose implementation led to the gasolinazo.


Anaya praises President Calderón

Soon threatens to investigate him for possible corruption cases

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

At the opening of the XVIII PAN convention, in November 2015, Anaya told former president Felipe Calderón, who was also in the presidium:

"... we miss you, president. We were better, much better with Felipe Calderón (sic) ... "

Just three years later, in March 2018, he changed his mind, as seen in various media, such as Álvaro Delgado's reports, published in Proceso, where he described that Anaya threatened to investigate Calderón for the Estela de Luz and other cases of corruption.

Anaya is also inconsistent in her opinion about people


Anaya says that he has always been a member of the PAN party

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

The journalistic investigation of Juan Carlos Rodríguez, published in Eje Central, reveals that in 1996 Anaya was a PRI militant for seven or eight months, during which he attended party assemblies.

When the PAN was the winner in the state elections of 1997, Anaya decided to join this party and appeared with the newly elected municipal president of the capital of Queretaro, to ask for work.

Anaya lies, he was also a PRI militant.


Anaya and her campaign image

Plagiarized typography and images for your campaign

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

The great similarity of the typographic design of the name and logo of the company Axios, with which it has been used in its campaign image, is evident:

Another similarity is the image published by Anaya on her Twitter account with the cover of the book on Singapore, published in June 2017:


Anaya: The application of an amnesty caused the homicides to grow in El Salvador

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

During the first presidential debate, Anaya referred to AMLO's amnesty proposal and said that El Salvador had promoted one, which resulted in an increase in the homicide rate, which demonstrated that amnesties do not work.

Verified 2018 affirms that the above is not true, but that the government of El Salvador, between 2012 and 2013, promoted a truce of gangs that gave benefits to imprisoned gang leaders, in exchange for reducing violence. As a result, the number of homicides was reduced to one third, while the truce lasted.

Anaya lied, and pretended to confuse with deceit. In El Salvador, a truce was negotiated, not an amnesty.


Anaya denies the frequency and first-class flights to Atlanta, E.U.A.

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

Anaya did 121 round trips, concludes Ricardo Alemán's investigation of Ricardo Anaya's trips to Atlanta, USA. This research was published in various media, for example, Milenio on October 31, 2016.

Anaya tried to deny the result of this investigation. The journalist was interviewed about his work and presented the documentation that supports his conclusions about the trips made by Anaya between November 2014 and October 2016.

Anaya lied about her trips to Atlanta.


Anaya handled with opacity more than one billion pesos of the Community Action Program (PAC)

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

In the journalist Jerónimo Gurrola Grave's note of February 9, 2014, published in El Universal de Querétaro, it is stated that Anaya was the State Coordinator of the Community Action Program (PAC) and the management of 1,000 million pesos annually, at the same time that he was the personal secretary of Governor Francisco Garrido Patrón and that these resources were used for personal enrichment and purchase of votes in favor of PAN candidates.

He also points out that the then senator, Francisco Domínguez Servién, today governor of the State of Querétaro, complained to Anaya about his lack of moral authority due to the management without transparency and the misuse of the resources of the PAC.

There is still no transparency in the use of PAC's one billion pesos.


Anaya lies declaring his incomes

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

Anaya has declared to the media that between him and his wife Carolina Martínez they receive 300 thousand pesos a month, other sources speak of 400 thousand pesos a month. If the highest figure is taken, the cumulative income between 2013 and 2016 would be 19 million pesos, however, journalistic notes reveal other figures, for example Genaro Villamil in Proceso, affirms that Carolina Martínez's bank accounts have income for more than 28 million pesos in the same period; a flow 46% greater than reported.


Anaya has greater expenses than her income

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

The media talks about Anaya's expenses, for example, Ricardo Alemán in Milenio published on November 4, 2016, information about the rent of the house in Atlanta, USA, for his family, the amount of the tuition of his children, also in the USA and the rent of the apartment in Paseo de la Reforma 27, in the CDMX.

Francisco Reséndiz, at Universal on November 3, 2016, states that the annual cost to support the Anaya family in Atlanta is 4.5 million pesos.

Mexicans against corruption and impunity say that only income and tuition represent almost two thirds of the income declared by Anaya in her 3-of-3.

Do not balance your expenses (expenses) against your income


Anaya lied in his 3de3

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

Notimex reported that the National President of the CEN of the PRI, Enrique Ochoa made some statements about Ricardo Anaya, affirms his 3de3 statement:

"... Anaya Cortés says that she has an approximate income of 100 thousand pesos a month as a public official. Regarding the list of assets, the PAN declares that he has a house that he received as a donation, that his family has some houses and goods that they receive in donation, but they do not report income for those goods and in no way do they see any land such as that is now on everyone's lips, and that is being questioned, that simply has not found a way to clarify. He pointed out that Anaya declared that the land was purchased in 2014, however, it is not in his declaration 3 of 3 of 2015 "

Anaya omitted to declare assets in her 3de3.


Anaya and his inexplicable enrichment

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

Ricardo Alemán, for the Zócalo period, affirms that Ricardo Anaya, declared in his 3de3 that his wife Carolina Martínez owns three stores in Querétaro, but in his research he identified that they are actually six stores. His wife, rent as a physical person, business premises and others, through companies of which they are partners.

A report by José Luis Camacho in SDP news of February 21, 2018 reveals that there are 12 commercial premises that rent and that are properties obtained by donation; The same investigation also states that Anaya and her family have more than 20 properties in Querétaro.

In the investigation of Juventino Montelongo, published in Republic 32 on March 8, 2018, it is revealed that the Electoral Institute of the State of Querétaro is located on a co-owned land of Anaya and occupies premises 7 through 12 of the Santiago Complex, which has It has 3.5 thousand square meters and is located in residential Galindas. The investigation also states that Anaya is the owner of 50% of Cintla S. A., the company that owns the group, the rest of the shares are shared between his wife and his father-in-law, Donino Martínez, reports Montelongo.

Anaya lies in the amount and value of their properties


Anaya say: “I will not be a presidential candidate”

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

In an investigation of Ricardo Alemán for El Universal it is mentioned:

"... Senator Javier Lozano himself said: '... in the living room of my house, in front of PAN national councilors, Anaya swore that if we supported him to be party president he would not seek the presidential candidacy' ..."

On the other hand, Eukid Castañón, Federal Deputy of the PAN in the LXIII Legislature expresses:

"Today it is said that Ricardo Anaya wants to be president, he said he did not want to be president. Even when he sought to be party president, he said he did not want to seek candidacy and that's why he assumed the responsibility of the presidency. "

As always, Anaya lies, cheats and betrays at her convenience.


Anaya denies friendship with Manuel "El Flaco" Barreiro

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

Various media have exhibited evidence that this is a lie:

  • Home video where Anaya and his wife are seen chatting as happy guests at Barreiro's wedding, broadcast in various media.
  • In investigation of Lastiri and Jiménez, published in El Universal on April 11, 2018 it is mentioned that the Manhattan company Masterplan bought Ricardo Anaya an industrial warehouse in 54 million pesos, adds that who served as legal representative of the company declared in the PGR that the company was constituted by Manuel Barreiro to send the resources to Anaya, but in a way that looks legal.
  • Research by Juan Bustillos, published in, reports that Manhattan Masterplan was founded by the driver of Manuel Barreiro and his accountant's wife.

Not only is he your friend, he is your prestanombres, partner and money launderer. Among his friends are known as El Flaco and El Cerillo


Anaya pointed out that, when AMLO was Chief of Government, the FDI of the CDMX fell 39%

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

Figures from the Ministry of Economy (SE) show that in 2001 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was 10.21 billion dollars (MMD).

AMLO was head of government between 2001 and 2005, the SE points out that the accumulated FDI was 31.9 MMD, the next five years (2006-2010) was 29.6 and the last (2011-2015) of 25 MMD.

In the period of Andrés Manuel López Obrador the greatest IED was had.


Anaya points out that, between 2000 and 2005, the kidnapping in Mexico City increased 88%

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

In the first presidential debate, on April 22, 2018, Anaya questioned the management of Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the head of the government of Mexico City. At minute 24:20, he claimed that the kidnappings had increased 88%.

AMLO was in charge of the government of Mexico City from 2000 to 2005.

"Verified 2018" states that in that period the kidnapping rate was reduced by 27%


Anaya and her family heritage

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

According to Horacio Jiménez's research, published in El Universal; Anaya, his wife, brothers-in-law, in-laws and other relatives, are part of a real estate consortium that rebounded from the incorporation of Anaya to the Government of Querétaro.

A report by Manuel Hernández, published in the Huffpost, on August 23, 2017, mentions that the patrimony of the political family of Anaya, has multiplied 14 times since 2003. Of just 6 properties, with a value of 22 million pesos ; up to 33 properties, with a value of 308 million pesos. An exponential growth only in properties.

From the beginning as a public servant, Anaya and her whole family have inexplicably enriched themselves.


Anaya and his "Foundation"

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

The "Foundation for more Humanism", was created by Anaya in 2009. With the objective that the PAN in Querétaro had its own headquarters, the Foundation was used to make a millionaire real estate business with friendly builders, through a triangulation scheme and concealment of financial operations.

In 2010, Anaya received a donation of 1.6 million pesos in the bank account of the Foundation, with which she acquired a plot of land on which she built a building that sold 7.8 million pesos. With this amount he paid and made deposits to companies associated with members of the foundation and the donee.

Anaya and her friends made a lucrative business through their Foundation. To date, the state PAN has neither that building as headquarters nor the money from its sale.


Anaya say: "Was not me"

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

María Concepción Ramírez Diez Gutiérrez, PAN federal deputy during the LXII Legislature and who was leader of the PAN party in the Chamber of Deputies, denounced Anaya for stealing 20 million pesos from the parliamentary group.

"... In 2015, while still a federal deputy, Concepción Ramírez denounced that Anaya stole or was an accomplice in the theft of at least 20 million pesos, resources allocated to the PAN caucus in San Lazaro.

... When confronting Ricardo Anaya, he told Concepción Ramírez: "I did not go." "You can not tell me it was not you; if when you received the coordination you did not say anything, you are an accomplice, and I told you ... ", said the legislator in a meeting."

Anaya lies, since as coordinator he was responsible for the rendering of accounts, the allocated funds and the lack of resources for his parliamentary group.


Anaya presents covers of the Proceso magazine

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

During the second presidential debate, Anaya presented a tabloid with covers of the Revista Proceso, where Meade and López Obrador appear.

Anaya, dishonestly, true to her custom, edited one of the covers not to show the headband, where an assertion against him is shown, which said: "Anaya's front also recruits black chips."

Anaya presents her book "Facing the future"

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

When presenting, during the first presidential debate, on April 22, 2018, the cover of the book "Facing the future" Anaya said, at minute 27:35.

"... I do have a plan, in this book with forty points and two axes ..."

The following morning, on April 23, 2018, its Strategic Coordinator, Jorge Castañeda, declared in the Televisa Program, conducted by Carlos Loret de Mola the following:

"Yesterday Ricardo Anaya presented the cover at the beginning, and it is not just the cover, it is a book that came out yesterday from the press justly, it is a 120 pages book with 158 very concrete proposals. Obviously few people will read each one of them, but there is the book and from today it will be online, up, and it can be downloaded by anyone who wants to download it, obviously free of cost ".

However, nobody knows anything about the book, there is no date for its publication and it is not found in bookstores. On the 40 points and 158 proposals there is no trace either.

Verified 20018 reported on May 19, 2018 that, according to Salomón Chertorivsky, although a thousand copies have already been printed, the book will be distributed "Until the presidential candidate has made public, during the daily conferences of 7 in the morning, each one of the 158 proposals that make it up".

According to Chertorivsky, this book has a subtitle Four indispensable changes for Mexico, contains 4 chapters, in 196 pages.

Anaya and her team do not agree about the content or the length of the book, they lie about its existence, which, as of today, can not be consulted online or the printed copy is obtained, much less its content .


Anaya presents proposal for migrants

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

Members of the ONG "Ángeles sin Fronteras", were with Anaya on May 18, 2018, and shared their proposals and ideas on the care that migrants should receive.

A few minutes later, Anaya met with migrants, at the Tijuana State Arts Center, and repeated one of the ONG's proposals ... as his own!

The plagiarized proposal was: "increase the Migrant Fund from 300 million to 1,000 million pesos".

Anaya plagiarizes the proposal of "Angels without borders" and presents it as his own "


Anaya visited a hostel in CDMX

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

In one of his participations in the second debate, Anaya said:

"I was just at the Santa María la Ribera shelter, with Ana Laura, absolutely destroyed, deported recently, they stayed there their children [...] arrived here handcuffed hand and foot ">

Anaya met with Ana Laura in a screen printing workshop of an organization that provides lodging for deportees without contacts, she is one of the founders. She was deported in 2016 when taking a flight to Mexico. Their children of 14 and 15 years remain in the United States.

Despite the bitter experience lived by Ana Laura, Anaya takes advantage and changes the story to impact the debate, to their benefit.

Anaya lies, she was not deported recently, they did not meet in a shelter and she was not handcuffed.


Anaya says she did not wash money

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

Anaya, along with his friend Manuel Barreiro, David Galindo and Daniel Rodríguez developed a financial triangulation scheme to hide the origin of 54 million pesos, as a result of the "purchase and sale" of an industrial warehouse in Querétaro.

This money comes from the company Manhattan Master Plant Development, company declared as "ghost company" by the SAT. These types of companies are used to move money in order to hide their origin, that is, to launder money.

The sale was made by the company Junisierra, S.A. of C.V. of which Anaya, his wife and in-laws are partners.

Article 400 Bis of the Federal Criminal Code, to the letter says: A fine of five to fifteen years in prison and a fine of one thousand to five thousand days shall be imposed on any person who, by himself or through an intermediary, performs any of the following conducts:

I. Acquire, dispose, manage, custody, possess, change, convert, deposit, withdraw, give or receive for any reason, invest, transfer, transport or transfer, within the national territory, from this to the foreigner or vice versa, resources, rights or goods of any nature, when they have knowledge that they come or represent the product of an illegal activity, or

II. Conceal, conceal or pretend to conceal or conceal the nature, origin, location, destination, movement, property or ownership of resources, rights or property, when it is aware of the origin or representation of the product of an illegal activity.

For purposes of this Chapter, it shall be understood that the proceeds of an illicit activity, resources, rights or property of any nature, when there are reasonable grounds or certainty that they come directly or indirectly, or represent the profits derived from the commission of a crime and its legitimate origin can not be proven.

In the case of conduct contemplated in this Chapter, in which the services of institutions that make up the financial system are used, prior filing by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit will be required to proceed with criminal proceedings.

When the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, in exercise of its powers of inspection, finds elements that allow presumption of the commission of any of the crimes referred to in this Chapter, it must exercise with respect to them the verification powers conferred by the laws and denounce the facts that may probably constitute such illegal acts.

Anaya lies, and he is involved in money laundering.


To be continue

Las Mentiras de Anaya.

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We still have a lot of material to share, since the only truth is that:

every day Anaya lies.

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